Hair by Lida specializes in Thermo Cuts. This is a method, pioneered in Germany, which uses hot or heated scissors to seal the ends of strands of hair as they are cut. The purpose of this method is to seal the ends and prevent split ends from occurring.


What is Thermo Cuts?

Recently introduced by exclusive salons and elite stylists across Europe, the Thermo Cuts method of hot-scissor cutting effectively and actively prevents split ends. Electrically heated scissors made in Germany by Jaguar Stahlwarenfabrik and used exclusively at Hair by Lida offers a method to avoid split ends and promote healthier, fuller and more manageable hair. Conventional and routine cutting leaves hair susceptible to outside elements, often causing it to become brittle and dry, eventually leading to split ends that are difficult to remedy. The Thermo Cuts method of heated blades seals ends as the hair is cut, locking in natural moisture, oils and essential nutrients. This unique method not only protects against environmental damage, but also increases volume, shine and elasticity.


Offered exclusively in the greater San Diego area by Hair by Lida at Salon Bruce Stuart. The Thermo Cuts method is your Split Ends Solution.

To learn more, check out the video below.

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